One of the advantages of dealing with a small custom converter shop like PCC is we are willing to do things the “bigger” shops can’t. We can take a unit, from the front door and send it back out without losing track of your vintage parts. You can rest assured you are getting back what you sent us, keeping your classic original. These units are not painted, we glass bead them if necessary to restore the original factory look.

The Perfect Converter Yearly Tune-Up

As a customer of PCC you are now part of an ever growing family. We are proud to have you as part of our Elite group, and want you to have years of great service from your investment. As with all high performance parts, maintenance is a must. We offer a yearly tune up and inspection program during the off season. For a very reasonable price, we will cut, clean, and inspect your performance converter. This service also includes new bearings, weld, and computer balance. It is done during the off season as a preventative measure. The cost covers all PM service not re-stalling or repairing. Believe us, a little prevention can save a lot during a close points season.

Other Manufacturers Tune-Up program

We will work on other converters for you if need be. We have a vast network of parts for repairing other manufacturer’s products. However, this is done with no warranty and by no means a PCC branded part. We will give you an honest assessment of your converter and tell you based on our knowledge if it is worth investing money into. There is a nominal fee for this that will be deducted from any work we do or applied to the purchase of a new one.

Our Spare Program

As most racers know, having a spare in the trailer is a must if you are racing in a close points season. We offer a program to save you a little money. If you buy a spare converter in the next season, not only will we give it to you for the price you paid for your original, we will knock off $50 more. That is our way of saying thank you for your continued support.


Ordering Process

Call for payment details. (440) 232-9677. We ship daily by UPS. We will provide your tracking number, once your product is ready for shipment.

Warranty Process

Our warranty covers only original Perfect Converter Co. branded products. It only covers the repair or replacement of Perfect Converter made torque converters. We do not warranty any other part of the vehicle. It is to the original purchaser and is valid for one year from date of purchase. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer.

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